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Learn about marine biology while scuba diving or snorkeling at our Dive Center.

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If you want to try diving, but you’re not ready for a course yet, the Discover Scuba Diving experience is for you.

See You Diving Tenerife offers you a large variety of courses and guided dives

Snorkeling activities is a great way to explore the underwater world in case  diving isn’t for you. 

In collaboration with Biosean, you have the opportunity of watching whales and dolphins.

Learn about marine life and conduct underwater samples with our marine biology internship


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A qualified PADI Instructor will guide and instruct you on diving activities until the successful completion of your course.

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We are young divers who offer personalized packages. We offer new CRESSI equipment for comfortable, safe dives that comply with Spanish regulations. A marine biologist present in situ will show you facts and curiosities about the wonders of the ocean. Become part of our diving group, you will see that it is different!


What they say

Ana Villamizar
Ana Villamizar
A mi familia y a mí nos encanto la experiencia, fue nuestra primera vez, la confianza y seguridad que nos brindaron los chicos Beltrán y Alise hicieron que disfrutaramos al máximo, 100% recomendado y esperamos repetir!!!!
Edgar Palencia
Edgar Palencia
Inolvidable experiencia la vivida hoy con los chicos de See You Diving Tenerife, mi familia y yo quedamos encantados, los chicos muy profesionales, te sientes super seguro a su lado, te explican todo a detalle y dan lo mejor de sí para que lo disfrutes al máximo, esperamos repetir
Tatiana Strubbe
Tatiana Strubbe
Very nice experience. The owners are very nice. Tell you a lot about the ocean life and show you beautiful sea life. I even saw a turtle!
Massimo Bianchi
Massimo Bianchi
Un Diving con attrezzature nuove e performanti, situato nel centro di Los Cristianos, Staff con biologa altamente qualificata con corsi anche di snorkeling, da provare quello notturno. Bravi raga ottimo lavoro 👌
Maximiliano Salas Letelier
Maximiliano Salas Letelier
La experiencia fue increible de principio a fin! Fuimos dos amigos a sacar nuestro Padi y no faltó nada!! 100% recomendado! Además el lugar permite ver distintas especies. experiencia 10/10
Gregor T
Gregor T
Herzlich, kinderfreundlich, flexiebel, hilfsbereit, fachkundig. Ich war tauchen und meine Frau und unser 8 jähriger Sohn schnorcheln. Leider war das Meer etwas wild aber Alice hat unseren Sohn sehr professionell auf dem Boot und im Wasser begleitet und ihm geholfen. Bill ist ein sehr ruhiger und guter Tauchguide. Ich kann sie nur empfehlen, hatte selten so einen tollen Service und Begleitung im Wasser ob zum Tauchen oder Schnorcheln. Alice hat auch sehr viel von ihrem Fachwissen über das Meer und die Bewohner klar und verständlich mit unserem Sohn geteilt. Ihre gesamte Ausrüstung ist brandneu. Besten Dank für die schönen Stunden.
Sole Montt
Sole Montt
Una de las experiencias más sorprendentes y lindas que he tenido, bucear, estar tan cerca de los diferentes peces fue increíble! Me sentí cómoda y segura con el instructor Beltran y con Alice quien fue muy clara en cada una de las explicaciones. Muchas gracias por la buena onda. Lo recomiendo !!
Réjane Rey
Réjane Rey
Great diving center 👌! "See you diving" is a very professional diving center recently opened by two passionate sea lovers, who know their way around in Tenerife ! Alice was kind and patient on the phone (while other centers could be much more touristic and about marketing in my opinion). She speaks English, Spanish and Italian ! The premises and gears are brand new and they care about safety : it was cosy and clean. We are dive master divers (CMAS 3 in France) and we really enjoyed our very private dive with Beltran guiding us. He paid attention to what we liked and cared about meeting our needs : only my boyfriend and I were diving with him so we can say it was a small group😊. We got so lucky the first dive😍 : we saw a butterfly ray, huge stingrays, many turtles, pastenagues, eagle rays ! Of course, it can't always be that magical because you have to be at the right place at the right moment! But the second dive was really nice too : barracudas, groupers, morey eels, cuttle fish, octopus... Thank you so much 💓 for this experience and for the time you took to give us nice tips about snorkeling ! We wish you the best for this wonderful project ! See you soon when we come back to Tenerife!
Lorenzo Habicher
Lorenzo Habicher
Best dive shop in Tenerife! Will definitely come back. I did my Open Water License there and had an incredible time diving with See you Diving instructors. Their team is highly skilled and makes sure everyone is comfortable and safe. The instructors Beltran and Alice were always well prepared before the dive and informed us about each dive exercise and what to expect. I especially value that they have a wide choice of top-quality Cressi new equipment included in the course. The five days of learning and diving were such an extraordinary experience. I am looking forward to heading back for my Advanced!
Lochana Saumyajith
Lochana Saumyajith
Grazie Alice & Beltran una esperienza indimenticabile


SNORKELING, marine biologist and marine life


Would you like to try snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife?

A marine biologist will explain the beauties of marine life and how to distinguish different species of sea turtles. Come with us, the snorkeling experience is different



Scuba diving and snorkeling activities are carried out both from the beach and from the boat along the coasts of Tenerife. For boat excursions we start from the port of Los Cristianos, located a few steps from our diving center. With just a few minutes of navigation we can reach the Palm Mar Area, known for being one of the most beautiful destinations for both divers and snorkelers.

If you want to dive from the beach, you have several options! The closest beach is Playa Las Vistas which offers a submerged spot suitable for everyone. Here we run our courses, snorkeling, diving and night snorkeling activities.

The whole island offers several diving spots, easy to reach with our van!

dive insurance

buy your diving insurance with DAN europe with us

DAN insurance plans offer tailor-made coverage for divers of all levels valid all over the world.

Prevention is better than cure! This is why we have put our all into creating a safer diving community with the aim of developing a new culture of safety. Get informed and help us spread it!

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