Air Consumption: Tips For Underwater Breath


As we all know, air consumption is one of the most important parts to be able to enjoy a dive

 When we start diving, it is normal to have a higher consumption than our colleagues who have been practicing it for a long time. That is why it is important to follow a series of tips, to be able to control our air consumption and to be able to reduce it, in order to last more underwater. 

Be calm and relaxed underwater. 

 This is the most important thing to reduce our air consumption. We must breathe naturally, it is good that we choose someone with more experience as a partner and copy his way of breathing, we exhale when he does and inhale when he does, that way we can control our breathing 


This is another point to take into account, if we have good buoyancy it will not be necessary to inflate and deflate and inflate the equipment again. 

 Optimum buoyancy should always be neutral buoyancy, that is, it is the ability to keep your body at the same level in the sea, that is, the weight of the diver is equal to the weight of the water that has been displaced. 

 We will achieve a good saving in air, which is achieved with a lot of practice and water. 

 We must choose our ballast

 Something that would penalize us in terms of our consumption. The more excess weight, the more air consumption will occur, since we have to make more effort than usual. 

 It is important to record the weight during the dives to always ensure the correct weight of ballast that we carry with us. 

 Movements/position in the water 

 The less movement we make underwater, the less air we will consume. 

 You always have to propel yourself with your fins, never with your hands! 

 The position we adopt when diving is also important, diving perpendicular to the bottom is not the same as parallel, we will have to make less effort when pushing ourselves forward, the less resistance we oppose, the easier it will be for us to move and the less air we will use up. 

Improve your kicking  

 If we kick fast and uncontrollably, we will increase our consumption. Try to have a uniform and slow kicking, this will significantly reduce the effort and we will save air. 

Keep in shape 

 Your body will be more efficient at the gas exchange and will need less oxygen to work. 

“Remember, dive to enjoy, relax, don’t obsess, practice, ask questions and learn every day.”


Written by Dive Master Trainee : Nacho Moreno

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